Home Page for THE QUEEN OF SCOTS luxury touring Train and the Scottish Highland Railway Company Limited

We are delighted to have the opportunity to present a few notes regarding The Queen of Scots luxury Train.

In the history of railway travel in Britain there have been few truly private trains. Of the very few which survive The Queen of Scots luxury touring Train is the most historic and most comfortable. All of these elegant carriages date back to Victorian and Edwardian times, the golden age of railway travel in Britain, and are the oldest carriages running on Britain's national railway system. Carefully kept under professional supervision, these carriages still display their original splendour to provide our Guests with the most luxurious of accommodation. In every way they are worthy of the world wide acclaim for which they are renowned.

The task of providing excellent hospitality aboard the Queen of Scots Train fascinates us. We want each of our Guests to feel they can relax - that they are Guests in a private country home, informal during the day, prehaps a little more formal at night. Secondly, we want our Guests to feel that they have been provided with the highest levels of luxury and hospitality available aboard any train in the world today.

The Queen of Scots. Being an introduction to a Train so special that only a small number of Guests may ever experience its elegance and comfort.

The Railways of Britain A brief history of the nation's railways, with special attention given to the matters concerning The Queen of Scots luxury touring Train.

The Romance of the Cars. Where we are furnished with a general description of the luxury railway carriages which form The Queen Of Scots, and a hint of their history.

The Guest as a Gourmet. Wherein we learn something of the exceptional cuisine and fine wines awaiting to be savoured aboard The Queen Of Scots.

Whither the Traveller? Being a selection of suggestions and notions regarding possible itineraries covering the length and breadth of Britain.

Elegance and Style. Wherein we touch upon the gracious nature of the appointments and atmosphere of this most historic of Trains.

Critical Acclaim. Critics from around the world express their satisfaction (and more) concerning their journey aboard The Queen of Scots.

Practical Matters. Where we are provided with useful intelligence to assist when considering chartering The Queen of Scots luxury Train.