Where critics from around the world express their satisfaction (and more) concerning their journey aboard The Queen of Scots luxury touring Train.

An historic Train so regal it has to be (and is!) authentic...one of life's memorial journeys in elegance usually reserved for millionaires or princes.
Recommend Magazine

Great privacy, sensational sightseeing, and extra-ordinary comfort.

Settled cosily into the cushioned comfort of the Observation Car, with a glass of champagne in hand, we waved cheerily to those who came to see The Queen of Scots off just as many had done 100 years ago when the train was new.
New York Times

An almost forgotten era of luxury travel is revived by The Queen of Scots ... equally impressive is the 1892 Observation Car which contains a spacious panelled sitting room with large observation windows.
The Times

The Dining Car waiting at Waterloo Station in London

This is the most exclusive train of its kind in all of Scotland...When aboard, passengers watch the Scottish lands pass by while dining on some of Britain's most memorial cuisine in the oldest dining car in the world.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

[Of all luxury Trains], The Queen of Scots, the luxury touring Train of the Scottish Highland Railway Company may be the most exclusive of them all.
British Heritage Magazine

The world's oldest and most luxurious Train, The Queen of Scots...the style and elegance of a forgotten age.
The Scotsman

The Queen of Scots is perhaps the most luxurious way to enjoy Scotland. Beyond the windows of this historic train unfolds some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, while within an attentive crew ensures that guests receive the highest standards of service.
The Observer

Decorative details - crystal sconces, silver saltcellars, fabrics of tapestry and brocade, polished brass fittings and fold down sinks, framed antique etchings, and napkins tied with satin bows - convey a Belle Epoche sense of privilege.
European Travel and Life