Where we are provided with useful intelligence to assist when considering chartering The Queen of Scots luxury Train.

Times change, the original coal fired cooking range in the Dining Car kitchen has given way to a full gas catering and banqueting kitchen meeting all modern requirements. The Train has all necessary china, cutlery and glassware to serve even the most grand of meals. The three antique carriages of the Queen of Scots luxury Train are accompanied by Service Cars No. 1 and No.2, more modern vehicles equipped with heavily soundproofed electrical generators to give an overwhelming supply of electricity to light, power and heat the Train. All carriages are fitted with standard British 13A, 230v sockets.

The Train is available for whole-train charters, and seats up to about 48 Guests, but this can vary depending on the requirements of the occasion. It can travel over almost all of the British national railway system and stop at almost all stations, from grand city termini to the smallest country halt.

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, our experience, both from charters and family trips, suggests that a journey for the sheer fun of lunching or dining aboard is at its best when planned to last not much more than three or four hours. Journeys to a distant event (perhaps a wedding or musical event) with a meal served along the way (brunch out and dinner returning?) is at its best up to about three hours in each direction. We are more than willing to discuss any plans you might have and share with you our experience.

For the more technically minded, the train is fitted with both vacuum and air brakes, it is 85 metres (281 feet) long, and weighs 165 tonnes. Although the Train has been tested to over 100 mph, we normally request that the speed is restricted to a more leisurely 70 mph. The whole train complies with C1 loading gauge (the standard that lays down how high and how wide the carriages can be).

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