Where we are furnished with a general description of the luxury railway carriages which form The Queen Of Scots, and a hint of their history.

The carriages of The Queen of Scots luxury Train are a reminder of a more leisurely age, when you step aboard these elegant vehicles they will rekindle the memories of a bygone era.

The Observation Car awaiting Guests at Glasgow Central Station.

At the rear of the Train runs the Observation Car, built in 1891 as one of the first dining cars for the crack London to Glasgow expresses. Its large panelled sitting room plays an evocative backdrop for days and nights of gracious travel, while the large observation windows fitted at one end of the car provide panoramic views of the scenery as it unfolds before you.

The Family Saloon.

In more leisurely times, when travelling between their London homes and their Scottish estates, grand families would charter a private carriage, or family saloon, to be attached to one of the great express trains of the day. Our Family Saloon, built in 1912, is instantly recognisable as the only car in The Queen of Scots to be finished in varnished teak.

The Dining Car.

The Dining Car is surely one of the smallest and most intimate dining cars ever built, with seating for only 12 people. It was commissioned for the convenience of nineteenth century cotton barons travelling between London and Manchester. During the First World War it was transported to France for use as part of the private train and mobile HQ for the Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Earl Haig. Having been built in 1890, it is the oldest railway dining car in the world.